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  • You need to have at least a base installation
  • MySQL does not work for Virtual Domains, the domain and user returns as garbled text in authentication.
  • Virtual Alias Domain is used instead (it works).
  • This should work for Ubuntu, Centos and Freebsd
sudo postconf "virtual_alias_domains = yourdomain1.com yourdomain2.com yourdomain3.com youretc.com โดเมนคุณ.ไทย"
sudo postconf "virtual_alias_maps = hash:/etc/postfix/virtual"

edit or create /etc/postfix/virtual

yourdomain1.com                     DOMAIN
someuser@yourdomain1.com            user1

yourdomain2.com                     DOMAIN
anotheruser@yourdomain2.com         user2

yourdomain3.com                     DOMAIN
admin@yourdomain3.com               user3

youretc.com                         DOMAIN
admin@youretc.com                   user1

โดเมนคุณ.ไทย                        DOMAIN
แอดมิน@โดเมนคุณ.ไทย                  user1

Update your changes

sudo postmap /etc/postfix/virtual